Trucks! Builds

Parts Used In This Episode

Accel Supercoil for HEI Distributor.
DEC Headers
Forward swept 4-into-1 extended collector headers.
Performer Series Camshaft and Lifter kit, Timing set.
The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is NOT an additive. It is a long term fuel treatment offering a number of benefits: Insure Fuel Quality During Storage Increase Gasoline Octane & Diesel Cetane Improve Engine Performance (Horsepower & Torque) Improve Fuel Economy Reduce Emissions - Green House Gases Reduce Engine Maintenance Improve Oil Burner Efficiency
Kimberly-Clark Professional
SCOTT Shop Towels, WYPALL* Red Shop Towels, KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* shop towels are ideal for your toughest automotive clean-up tasks.
M.O.P. Derby Products
This shifter will work on turbo 350/400 transmissions. The mounting bracket is made with a laser for a precise fit. This shifter is designed so it is very tight and does not move when hitting or getting hit. It has a easily removeable park lockout pin. The design also alleviates the problem of the shifter hitting you in the leg when you get hit.
Coating of headers for derby truck.
Power Building Videos
Power Building Videos.
Stateline Transmission
Fully prepped Transmission.
The Industrial Depot
Industrial grade of bolts and hardware items.