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Episode Transcript

(Marc)>> You're watching Powernation.

♪ ♪

(Marc)>> Today on Music City Trucks Unbreakable's done and we're gonna find out just how unbreakable it is.

(Brandon)>> We're gonna take it through the mountains, up some rocks, sling some mud, and let this thing rip. [ engine revving ] ♪ ♪ [ engine revving ] ♪ ♪

(Brandon)>> Well what do you want to do? You want to just go ahead and conquer the first obstacles and just pass where our last stopping point was?

(Marc)>> Yeah, we have to at least do that just to see how it compares.

(Brandon)>> That's our starting point.

(Marc)>> Here we go! Last time we were at AOP we got stuck on the mountain but we've added a ton of cool parts and turned this Suburban into our version of the ultimate off road machine.

(Brandon)>> Probably should have put hydro on it but street truck. Oh yeah, springs are a little soft.

(Marc)>> Springs are soft but I think I could get used to it.

(Brandon)>> I think it's just because we're so high, even that fact that we lowered a little bit.

(Marc)>> Yeah it has no problem so far, which this is kind of a mild trail.

(Brandon)>> Yeah the trail head. ♪ ♪

(Marc)>> The low's low enough though don't you think?

(Brandon)>> Yeah, give her a little juice and see what happens. [ engine revving ]

(Brandon)>> You got it on my side.

(Marc)>> You good over there?

(Brandon)>> Yep, stay high. Oh yeah!

(Marc)>> Woo! I think we just have to get used to that body roll. Not too used to it but.

(Brandon)>> Yeah the pucker factor's there. I think we need to figure out where its limit is but not pass it.

(Marc)>> We've just got to take it slow. ♪ ♪ Well it made it back to where we broke initially very easily right?

(Brandon)>> So I'm calling this the starting point.

(Marc)>> Okay, so as far as this park goes we've only seen a very small portion, maybe three percent right? The parking brake works.

(Brandon)>> It's creaking a little bit. Yeah so we've only seen just the beginning, literally the trail head. So we're gonna go up past where we were broken down before and see what this park's all about.

(Marc)>> Let's do it. I've already been behind the wheel. You take it.

(Brandon)>> I was gonna say it right before you said that. ♪ ♪ [ engine revving ]

(Brandon)>> Oh yes!

(Marc)>> No problem! [ engine running ]

(Brandon)>> It didn't even skip a rock or nothing.

(Marc)>> Feel that bumping? It's the front digging.

(Brandon)>> Yep. [ engine revving ]

(Brandon)>> You want to try 35?

(Marc)>> Yeah.

(Brandon)>> Let's see, straddle the tree or try to go over it?

(Marc)>> I'd say go over the tree. [ engine revving ]

(Marc)>> Yep, clear. Got it! [ engine revving ]

(Marc)>> Nice having that low end torque.

(Brandon)>> Yes it's like that.

(Marc)>> It's on, I love that. That felt like maybe the axle on a rock.

(Brandon)>> Yeah axle on the rock, hold on. ♪ ♪ Good thing we put a bunch of diff guards on it.

(Marc)>> Did we?

(Brandon)>> Yeah on the pinion guard. Pinion guard for the win on that one. [ engine revving ]

(Marc)>> Well how do you feel about it so far?

(Brandon)>> This is a nice rig I'll tell you that. I'm gonna go wide!

(Marc)>> Doing good, doing good. Hold what you got. [ engine revving ]

(Marc)>> Alright, very good! [ engine idling ]

(Brandon)>> With most of the weight of the vehicle on one tire looks like we aired down a little too much.

(Marc)>> Can I kiss it.

(Brandon)>> Am I gonna kiss it?

(Marc)>> I'm gonna kiss it if my seatbelt will let me.

(Brandon)>> It won't let you kiss it?

(Marc)>> Oh no, it's in that part where like you pull it out too far and it won't let you. [ engine idling ]

(Marc)>> Let me get my seatbelt back on before you go again though. We're at like a 30 degree angle here.

(Brandon)>> I'm gonna get out and spot it. With how tall our truck is we've suddenly gotten ourself stuck in a tight spot and at a tricky angle. Here's the plan.

(Marc)>> Oh yeah! Yeah you really need to straddle this ditch but you can't because of the tree.

(Brandon)>> So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put it in reverse and I'm just cut hard passenger, swing it this way, and then kinda come up the hill a little bit. This is doing it man!

(Marc)>> It's doing it! [ engine revving ]

(Brandon)>> Woo! [ engine idling ]

(Brandon)>> That was awesome! Up next, after a quick recovery session we're back down the mountain.

(Marc)>> And headed for more.

(Brandon)>> Alright so we've got to change that rear tire out and since we're on such an incline I'm just gonna winch it to a tree just to be safe so the truck don't roll away.

(Marc)>> Well that bonsai run up the hill spit the right rear tire off the wheel. So it's a good thing we brought a spare.

(Brandon)>> Always use a tree saver. ♪ ♪ You just wrap the cable around this tree you'll end up hurting it, and it's really not good for the cable either. Alright, that's good right there. Yeah but going on the trails is more fun.

(Marc)>> Ease it down a little bit. [ drill humming ]

(Brandon)>> What three ugga-duggas? [ drill humming ]

(Brandon)>> I think that's what these are rated at.

(Marc)>> Dude you mounted it on there backwards. We brought the driver's spare. We didn't bring the passenger side spare. What we're you thinking?

(Brandon)>> Directional tires, I didn't even think about it. [ drill humming ]

(Brandon)>> You know what? Now we're gonna be stuck up here.

(Marc)>> Stuck up here with the wrong tire.

(Brandon)>> Got the tire on the wrong side. No way we're getting out of this. Onward! ♪ ♪

(Marc)>> Well she may be damaged.

(Brandon)>> Not broken.

(Marc)>> Some people may call this broken.

(Brandon)>> I call it bent.

(Marc)>> Slightly damaged. I mean this setup works.

(Brandon)>> Everything we put in this truck is working the way it should.

(Marc)>> Can you imagine turning around and going back down the way we came up? This is gnarly right here.

(Brandon)>> I guess that's why they call it Adventure Offroad Park right?

(Marc)>> I guess so.

(Brandon)>> What an awesome day.

(Marc)>> It's driving itself off the mountain.

(Brandon)>> But we got the rocks of the mountain and the thing a little bent but not broken. So now we've got to hit the mud.

(Marc)>> Well we have some things to fix when we get back but enough stuff has gone right today. It calls for a little celebration.

(Brandon)>> I call this successful.

(Marc)>> Quite frankly I don't think this thing's dirty enough.

(Brandon)>> It's definitely not dirty enough. [ engine revving ]

(Brandon)>> Right through the floor! Alright well that was an awesome day of wheeling. This Burban still runs but we roughed it up a little bit. Now that it's dirty we're gonna take our Bauer pressure washer from Harbor Freight, get this thing all cleaned up. Delivering 2,300 p-s-i of cleaning force this mobile unit can tackle all your outdoor cleaning needs. It comes with multiple nozzles including this turbo. This thing's getting all the mud off. [ washer buzzing ]

(Brandon)>> Just like it came out of the studio.

(Marc)>> Up next it's a Driveway Rescue for a photographer's dream.

(Brandon)>> We work real hard here at Music City Trucks. I'm just waiting for Marc to get here and get working on this Driveway Rescue.

(Marc)>> On today's RockAuto Driveway Rescue we're bringing RockAuto dot com v-p of marketing Tom Taylor along to give us a hand on a '66 Chevy pickup, and our focus is gonna be on the interior.

(Brandon)>> Marc's here! We were able to get everything we needed off of RockAuto dot com for this special truck that's a daily driver and a picture truck.

(Misty)>> So this is Blue Belle. Blue Belle is a 1966 Chevy C-10. When we first found her she was just a primer gray sitting at an estate sale, and I couldn't wait to call my husband to say you gotta come look at this truck, and she was a mess but I saw great potential. It needs some updating on the inside. So at the end of today I will get to see the lovely new seats put in and to see the blue and the white as I was shown. The seat cover is just the perfect fit for this truck, even for our logo. It's all the colors. It was so sweet to see how wonderful it's gonna look on the inside.

(Marc)>> Oh yeah look at this. So what year is the truck?

(Misty)>> '66.

(Marc)>> '66, and obviously you use it for your photography business and then also you use it for photographs right?

(Misty)>> With little boys with blue eyes.

(Marc)>> You put them inside the cab too?

(Misty)>> Mostly in the back but little boys love to drive too.

(Marc)>> Oh yeah, honk the horn. Can we see inside. Oh yeah, so this is the area that needs work. ♪ ♪

(Brandon)>> Well I think we brought everything for it.

(Marc)>> I don't know what's under the seat cover yet but whatever it is we're gonna cover it up with that new seat cover I can tell you that. Plus I think doing something with the carpet, a little bit with the trim. I think a little bit's gonna go a long way on this truck.

(Brandon)>> Small block.

(Marc)>> Oh yeah. ♪ ♪

(Tom)>> Even the hood hinges are neat.

(Brandon)>> Yeah clamshell style.

(Marc)>> I love how the heater box is just like oh yeah, check that option and they just bolt it right to the firewall, put a couple of hoses to it, and good enough. ♪ ♪ I mean this thing is like nice driver quality truck. Well we see why it had covers on it now.

(Brandon)>> Up next the big blue reveal.

(Misty)>> Wow!

(Tom)>> RockAuto dot com mostly sells replacement parts for people's daily drivers. The cars they use everyday to get to work, and school, and such, and it's always a special treat to sell cosmetic parts, interior parts for an old classic like this that has been resurrected a bunch of times and we're helping it stay on the road another decade or half center. So it'll be fun to see how the interior turns out in this.

(Marc)>> Well we've got to tear the seat out. That's got to go out of the way first. I'm gonna work on the seat and Brandon's gonna work on the rest.

(Brandon)>> Take this seat out?

(Marc)>> Yeah let's see what we got going on here. Look at that!

(Brandon)>> Still has all the backing.

(Marc)>> That's something else I'll tell you that.

(Brandon)>> It's got the original cover on it still. That's pretty crazy.

(Marc)>> It's been covered and recovered.

(Brandon)>> The bottom at least. Nah the top then.

(Marc)>> Alright let's get it out of here.

(Brandon)>> Yeah it's kinda gross.

(Brandon)>> It's had a new gas tank put in it.

(Marc)>> To get the seat where it needs to be it's got to come out of the truck.

(Brandon)>> I'm get working on pulling the floor and trim out, and then you just work on the seat I guess.

(Marc)>> Yeah I've got enough to do here. Alright Tom let's take this seat cover off here. Oh okay. It's like a Russian doll or something you know. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Is that all? There we go. Let's see what it looks like. Why would you cover that up? ♪ ♪

(Brandon)>> This floor has seen better days. So I'm stripping everything out. It looks like somebody put a pool liner or a pond liner. This is not the original floor. So the get this out you've got to get this old trim off.

(Marc)>> There it is. Okay, well we see why it had covers on it now. Now that we're down to the original upholstery we can get it removed and we'll just try to save all those retainers, and then reuse them. [ drill humming ]

(Marc)>> Oh they might just pull out.

(Brandon)>> Alright we're gonna go ahead and get this liner out and see what we're working with. ♪ ♪ Well the tops of the floors don't look too bad. I see it's had a couple of repairs on the toe boards. ♪ ♪

(Marc)>> Wow naugahide it says, very cool. Yeah I don't think that was original. Original or not we've got to get this old upholstery out of the way to make room for the new stuff. ♪ ♪

(Brandon)>> Oh look at that, beautiful carpet.

(Marc)>> Oh look at that.

(Tom)>> Big difference!

(Marc)>> Oh yeah. Okay yeah, see, this is what I was telling you earlier. This is the listing. So the hog rings will attach to that. So instead of having to reuse those clips that was on the seat we can just use hog rings and install this. That's actually gonna be really nice. Let's get this thing laid out. ♪ ♪ Oh yeah, that's nice. It's got some foam built in too. Alright now to attach this we mentioned earlier that it had the listing on one of these that was for the hog rings, and this is the kit that comes with the upholstery. So it's got the hog rings and the hog ring pliers. These actually come with the kit and then it's got these clips that we took off of the entire seat. So what we have to do is use those clips on the seat bottom and then use the hog rings on the seat back. Now we do have our own hog rings and hog ring pliers. These are professional grade. So we're gonna use those but if you don't have those at your disposal you can just use what came in the kit. They work just find. These clips can be a little difficult to install but a little patience will pay off. Okay, well we just want to make sure that we get the bead consistent across the front and get all these in, and then we'll get the back, and we'll use the back to pull the vinyl tight. That one snapped right in. Did you hear that?

(Tom)>> I felt that.

(Marc)>> It doesn't have to go all the way down. Just over the edge.

(Brandon)>> We got this ACC carpet from RockAuto and this stuff's super awesome. It's molded to the exact floor you choose, and they've got all the factory colors, the factory weaves, but if you want to get a little funky you can choose a whole bunch of different colors depending on interiors that you're putting in. We just chose a factory blue to match our old truck, perfect. You can see it matches the transmission tunnel, cut out for the gas pedal. Once you get it squared up where you want it just trim the edges and poke the holes for the seatbelts and seat. Just barely cut it. ♪ ♪ I'm gonna make a relief right here at this gas line so I can cut around it. ♪ ♪ Sharp razor blade or a pair of scissors is the key to cutting carpet. You don't want to cut it too short. I'm gonna go ahead and throw a new visor in this truck. Nice!

(Marc)>> Yeah I know you think I gave you the hard job.

(Brandon)>> With the carpet in place we'll get the seat back in.

(Marc)>> Go down below it, yep. Literally if you only did the seat, not to take anything away from what Brandon did, but if you only did the seat. Nah this thing, it's a different truck. Let's get these bolts in.

(Brandon)>> This is why you leave the carpet long. And now with the final trim it's time for the big reveal.

(Marc)>> Alright you ready to see it?

(Misty)>> I am! ♪ ♪ Wow, I love the blue. It's beautiful.

(Marc)>> It's amazing what just a few pieces will do.

(Misty)>> It is awesome! And the carpet.

(Marc)>> So what's great about this is you just go to RockAuto dot com, you order the stuff, and it fits.

(Misty)>> It's perfect.

(Marc)>> Looks like Tom has one more thing here for you.

(Misty)>> Wow, RockAuto rocks!

(Marc)>> Glad you like it. Thanks for letting us fix up your truck. And last but not least, Tom gets his portrait done.
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