Engine Power Builds

Parts Used In This Episode

Assembly Lubricant, for Engine Assembly and Fastener Installation, Ultra Torque, 1 Pint, Each
Canton Racing Products
Carburetor Spacer, Phenolic, 1.00 in. Thick, 2-Hole, 2-Barrel, Kit
Comp Cams
3/8" DIA. Pushrods
Comp Cams
Cam Button Spacer, Steel, Roller, Chevy, Small Block, Each
Comp Cams
Oval Track Xtreme TK Roller Camshaft, Custom Grind
Comp Cams
Timing Chain and Gear Set, Ultimate Adjustable, Double Roller, Billet Steel Sprockets, Chevy, Small Block, Set
Comp Cams
Timing Cover, 3-Piece, Aluminum, Natural, Chevy, Small Block, Each
Crower Cams & Equipment Co., Inc.
SBC 230 Iron Eagle Stainless Steel Shaft Mount Rockers
Cylinder Head, Iron Eagle Platinum, Assembled, 49cc Chamber, 230cc Intake Runner, Chevy, 327, 350, 400, Each
Engine Block, Cast Iron, 4-Bolt Mains, 4.125 in. Diameter Bore, 2-Piece Rear Main Seal, Chevy,Small Block,Each
Driven Racing Oil
Motor Oil, Racing Break-In BR, Mineral, 5W30, 1 qt., Each
Paint, Engine, Enamel with Ceramic Resin, Flat Gray Primer, 12 oz., Aerosol, Each
Paint, Engine, Enamel with Ceramic Resin, Gloss, White, 12 oz., Aerosol, Each
Eagle Specialty Products
4340 Crank Sbc 50lb 2.00 Rod Pin, Esp Armor Finish
Eagle Specialty Products
4340 Rod 6.00" 2.00" LW
Intake Manifold, Super Victor 23 degree, Single Plane, Aluminum, Natural, Square Bore, Chevy Small Block, Each
Goodson Shop Supplies
Professional Measuring & Inspection Stand
Loctite 135511 Green 609 Medium Strength Retaining Compound, 10 mL
MAHLE Aftermarket
SBC Flat Top PowerPak Piston For 1mm, 1mm, 2mm Ring Set 4.165 Bore 3.750 Stroke 6.0 Rod 1.125 C/H 0.927 Pin -5cc Vol. 452g 11.7 C/R 4032
Oil Pan Gasket, Rubber with Steel Core, Chevy, Small Block, Each
Oil Pan Oval Track Clear Zinc Steel Stage I Pre-80 SBC 8 Qt.
Oil Pump and Pickup Assembly, High-Volume, 3/4 in. Inlet, Chevy, Small Block,for 7.125 in. Deep Oval Track Pan
Quick Fuel Technology Inc.
Carburetor, Black Diamond Q-Series, 950 cfm, Mechanical Secondary, 4-Barrel, Square Bore, Drag Race, Each
JRI - Front Load, Medium Duty Parts Washer
School of Automotive Machinists
School Of Automotive Machinists In Houston TX (SAM)
Summit Racing
Beyea, Dirt Late Model Tri-Y 23 degree Single Step..1 3/4 x 1 7/8 x 3
The Industrial Depot
Industrial Depot - Fasteners, Hardware, And Shop Supplies