YouTuber Turns An Old BMW Into A Drivable Hot Tub! Even Adds A BBQ Grill On The Trunk

Don’t try this at home!

Now this is definitely one of the most creative car builds we’ve ever seen! Before you start wondering why on Earth would anyone want to build a drivable hot tub, YouTuber colinfurze apparently built the car for Google’s new ads, according to the video description. It’s actually a very innovative idea and just overall looked really fun (and funny!)

As you can tell from the video, the car is not only a hot tub but it also drives just like it normally would (which is shocking.) To make matters even more bizarre, is that there was a BBQ grill built into the cars trunk lid so you can literally drive around in a hot tub and grill some burgers at the same time. To add to all of this, the car was covered in fake grass which makes it such a funny looking vehicle and is so entertaining to watch!

All of that water though probably ruined the BMW, unless proper safety measures were taken but oh well! It turned out to be a really interesting and funny video! What do you think about this drivable hot tub? Let us know in the comments if you have any thoughts or opinions about it!