Cops Impound Charger Hellcat After YouTube Viewers Report Videos

The perfect example of play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Seriously, this guy is the type to give car guys everywhere a bad name. YouTuber user HelloooimJensen is yet another account that uses his platforms to take cool cars and do dumb stuff. All in the name of views, right?

On more than one occasion he’s taken his Dodge Charger Hellcat and pulled stunts on both private and public property, even having a few run-ins with the law. To re-iterate, we do not condone this behavior.

This time, it wasn’t his actions directly that got him in trouble, rather his videos. His various videos on his channel feature him drifting the Hellcat around other cars (that are definitely not participating in the video) on public roads. That means he’s putting other people in danger for no reason other than a cool donut or smoky burnout.

If he never thought anything bad would happen, he should’ve thought again. In the video above he states people had been reporting his videos. Combine that with getting pulled over the day before for reckless driving and it’s a recipe for disaster.

At the time of getting pulled over, the officer didn’t take the car since he wasn’t making an arrest. However, with the video evidence via reported videos the police then got a search warrant and showed up at his house the next day, flatbed in tow. They loaded the Hellcat up and hauled it off.

The worst part of this situation is that HelloooimJensen doesn’t seem to really care. While yes, we all make dumb decisions and do things we probably shouldn’t, you learn from your mistake and don’t do it again.

Instead, he asks his followers (the very people who reported him) to make donations to a fund for his impound fees and collection of tickets. Nice try, we’d be surprised if people contribute to that cause.

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