Ouch: A 2021 Ram TRX Flipped Before It Was Even Off The Assembly Line

It’s not often you see an accident before the vehicle hits the streets. But this  2021 Ram 1500 TRX landed on its side before it even drove off the assembly line.

The picture surfaced on Instagram from user @sinister_lifestyle of the grey 702-horsepower TRX horizontal in the factory. The internet has spoken and claims it looks like a mechanical carrier failure. Getting even more specific, Instagrammer @la.an.ma commented on the photo saying the picture was taken at the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant and that an unnamed source told her that Ram has plans to scrap the truck entirely. Ah, the things you can learn from social media.

Seeing as how there are already people lined up and waiting for their 2021 TRX, this certainly won’t speed production up!

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