YouTuber Who Jumped The Ram TRX Is Charged With 18 Criminal Counts

We all remember the YouTuber who made the Ram TRX “fly”. Street Speed 717, or Mike, took the 702-horsepower Ram TRX and jumped it for the sake of fun and of course, internet views.

Unfortunately the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) was one of the millions of views and is not happy about it. In fact, the PFBC charged Mike with a total of 18 criminal counts.

He was hit with various misdemeanors under the “Protection of Property and Waters” umbrella including Disturbance of Waterways and Watersheds, six counts of Pollution of Waters, six counts of Littering, and four counts of Misuse of Property and Waters. It’s not confirmed what the counts could result in for Mike but other people charged with similar counts were fined to pay civil damages.

Not all of the charges are directly related to the actual jumping of the truck, either. Although all the other charges seem to be fitting as his channel shows several other videos of him using the stream as if it were a road, driving through it with no caution.

However, Mike has said he doesn’t believe his actions warranted the charges since he was invited onto the private property for the videos, his team was not destructive to the environment in his opinion, and his vehicle didn’t appear to leak anything into the stream that could harm wildlife.

At the time of this article, Mike’s lawyers are involved and working on a settlement that will make everyone happy.

This isn’t the first case of people and their vehicles clashing with the environment. A few years ago, someone abandoned a Jeep in a California Protected Wilderness Area causing an uproar (rightfully so) among locals and environmentalists.

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