Wow! The BUGATTI Chiron Goes From 0-249MPH In 42 Seconds! New World Record!

In the world of ultra-fast supercars, Bugatti really does stand out above the rest. Sure, Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s are still extremely fast but are they BUGATTI fast? Not really. Especially now.

The Bugatti Chiron recently just set a new world record for going from 0-249MPH in 42 seconds! This is the fastest time ever reached by a production vehicle throughout the world. The world record was set by Juan Pablo Montoya, winner of the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, two-time winner of the Indy 500 and three-time winner of the 24 hours of Daytona. In order to attempt such a record, you must have someone who’s one of the best drivers in the world to pull it off and he did! So amazing!

Not only is the Bugatti Chiron BEYOND fast but it looks really awesome too! The whole car itself just screams “aerodynamic.” The awesome blue accent paint really makes the Bugatti Chiron pop! What a fascinating vehicle. The Chiron costs about $2,700,000 which is actually not THAT bad considering this is a world record vehicle. The Chiron engine is a 16 cylinder beast that makes about 1,479 bhp! CRAZY!

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