First-Responders Confused How A Toyota Corolla Was Launched Into A Second-Story Home

Toyota Corolla launched into the 2nd-story bedroom of a Pennsylvania home
Toyota Corolla launched into the 2nd-story bedroom of a Pennsylvania home

To most people, the Toyota Corolla and Mifflin County, Pennsylvania share a lot in common. One is an affordable, generic sedan that is seen throughout the country. It was even named as one of the most popular vehicles among Gen Z’ers. Mifflin County is a quiet little standard suburban district that you could also find throughout the country. So what happens when these two worlds literally collide? You get a bizarre act of destruction in which a Toyota Corolla is intentionally launched through the air into the second-story of a Mifflin County home.

The Junction Fire Company shared photos of its Rescue Company responding to the vehicle lodged into the second-story bedroom of a home. Thankfully, there wasn’t anyone in the bedroom at the time of the accident. However, either one of the homeowners could have been seriously or fatally injured by this airborne Toyota Corolla. According to first responders, the driver of the Corolla was transported to the hospital to treat injuries sustained at the point of impact.

How Did This Toyota Corolla Get Airborne?

This event has spawned many questions, like, “did the driver know the homeowners?”, and “what is the extent of the damage.” But the biggest question is “how did this even happen?” Authorities are still trying to figure this part out.

Based on images shared by the Fire Department, it appears that the home is located in a flat, rural environment, meaning that there are not many ramps or launch pads around for the driver to execute this highly destructive, Grand-Theft-Auto-style stunt. Aside from reckless driving, the Fire Department believes that the driver was able to send the Toyota Corolla through the air by driving off a small hill located next to the home’s driveway. Police also believe that some foul play may also be involved here.

While it is possible that this incident was the result of speeding and reckless driving, police are saying it may have been on purpose. “It was determined through an investigation that the crash was an intentional act and charges are pending at this time,” Pennsylvania State Police said according to ABC27. However, the motive behind it was unreleased. With the 2023 Toyota Corolla being able to produce 169 horsepower and 151 lb-ft of torque, it would probably require some careful and planned precision in order to send the car through the air into its target.

The Corolla is clearly totaled, but the home sustained heavy damage and will require more time and big bucks for repairs.

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