Truck Driver Gets Back At Corvette Driver Who Refused To Let Him In

Some call it being petty, some call it revenge. But either way you look at it, it’s entertaining to watch.

Footage from a dashcam has surfaced of a Corvette driver who refused to let a truck merge into his lane getting what was coming to him. As if not letting the truck in wasn’t a jerk move already, the red Corvette blocks his path and then rolls down his window to give the trucker the finger. In response, the truck driver unloads a cloud of thick black smoke directly through the Corvette’s open window. It worked because the Corvette then appears to hang back to let the truck move ahead.

Everyone loves it when rude drivers get a taste of their own medicine. It doesn’t matter how expensive or exotic your car is, driving like a jerk is never acceptable.

The best part is, accuracy is amazing, it’s almost pinpoint precision. The person who caught the incident, which happened in Tacoma, Washington, can be heard laughing as the truck does its thing.