Tiny RC Car Goes 205MPH On A Circle Track!

When it comes to RC cars, it seems like anything is possible these days. There are RC jet planes, muscle cars and boats that go FAST! Essentially it’s just the same exact vehicle, just scaled down to miniature sizes but they still have way more power than you’d think. Someone building a real RC version of a jet plane is absolutely incredible, especially since it’s nearly identical to the real thing. So creative!

This video is awesome because this tiny little RC car packs some serious power! You see the car is put on a circle track in the beginning of the video and it begins to go around and around. Each time the car passes, you hear its speed get louder and louder. Eventually you see on the digital MPH reader that the car is hitting some SERIOUS speed and eventually gets up to 205MPH! Most regular cars out there couldn’t even make it past 150MPH, so this thing is really impressive.

Technology is so amazing that something this small can go so fast. What do you think about this awesome RC car? Do you have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments what you think about it!