These Hammer-Proof Gloves Are Awesome!

Whether it’s working on your car or doing a DIY project, you need good gloves! Sure most gloves can protect your hands from getting dirty and minor injuries but what about a hammer? A lot of people have accidentally smashed their fingers while hammering and it’s definitely a painful situation! Luckily there’s now a new type of hammer-proof gloves that will protect your hands from the threat hammers pose during DIY projects!

Chilean inventor Jorge Sgombic has invented the Mark VIII safety gloves that are really awesome! In the video you see the gloves withstand hammer strikes, as well as knives and crushing. How useful would these be in a variety of situations?

The first layer of the gloves can be broken through but underneath lies a thermoplastic layer that protects your hands! However, only the tips of your fingers are protected but regardless, it’s still a really innovative invention that would help builders and car enthusiasts alike! Hopefully in the future the thermoplastic can be integrated throughout the glove that protects the entire hand. What do you think about the Mark VIII safety gloves? Do you think these would be useful during your next project? Let us know in the comments what you think about them!