Bigfoot and Hot Wheels Collaborate and It’s Awesome!

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We never thought Bigfoot could be more awesome – we were wrong. The beloved monster truck that’s brought us countless memories over the years has teamed up with Hot Wheels for the first time to deliver an instant classic. Not only is the truck a hit, but it’ll be driven by husband and wife duo Rebecca and Darron Schnell, adding to the legacy at the upcoming Hot Wheels Monster Truck Live events.

It all started as a ’74 Ford F-250 four-wheel drive with positraction in the front and lockers in the rear, and was driven quite a bit by the original owner, Bob Chandler. The monster truck started growing in popularity as Chandler added larger parts to stay above the competition. Interestingly enough, Bigfoot gets its name from Chandler’s old general manager, who told him to keep his “big foot” off the throttle because he kept breaking the rig. It led to a cult-like following, influencing a generation, and the Hot Wheels collaboration is new chapter in its long journey.

The Hot Wheels Bigfoot boasts a massive 139 inch wheelbase, stands 10.6 feet tall, and 20 feet long. It’s powered by a huge 572 ci fuel-injected Ford engine with 1,500 horsepower, more than enough to rocket it into the sky from the ramps with its BDS 871 blower, powered by an Abruzzi 2-speed transmission.

Bigfoot sits on a custom 4-link suspension, BIGFOOT manufactured shocks and has a 20″ front and 26″ rear-wheel travel. The chassis is a BIGFOOT/Patrick Enterprise with ZF/BIGFOOT axles, sitting on gigantic 66″ x 43″ x 25″ Firestone Flotation tires and custom-made 25″ Southern Wheel and Rim/BIGFOOT Spec wheels.

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In addition to the first Hot Wheels Bigfoot collaboration, Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live will also debut the all-new Mega Wrex with its 12-foot dinosaur design, complemented by an 1800 horsepower powerhouse to keep the competition in check. Another new truck, Race Ace, will also join the tour.

The audience will also be treated with the return of fan-favorites like the Bone Shaker, Tiger Shark, V8 Bomber, and Demo Derby. There will also be a special appearance from the car-eating, fire-breathing transforming robot MEGASAURUS. Freddie Sheppard will return as the show host, alongside new co-host Marny Florence, creating a powerful and memorable experience for everyone involved.

If you’re looking to bring out the inner kid in your or introduce your child to Bigfoot and see some live monster trucks, now’s your chance! Make sure to head over to the Hot Wheels Monster Truck Live Event page for more information and to purchase tickets.

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