The World’s Luckiest Squirrel On The Nürburgring

The only thing this little furry creature wanted to do was make a run on the Nürburgring like the rest of us. That’s all he wanted to do! Bet he wasn’t planning on is life being on the line that day.

When a BMW driver came along during his own run on the infamous track, and lucky for him, saw the squirrel and twitched just in time to avoid pulverizing the little guy with his car. The driver knew what he was doing, too, since he quickly regained control of the sliding car afterwards and didn’t go flying off the track.

Thanks to the driver in the BMW! Nobody wants another sad grille full of animal fur they have to clean up. Nothing worse than a great day in your ride then having to end it cleaning up an accident. But it’s also worth mentioning, this must be a new Nordschleife course record for “fastest squirrel.” Because although the driver had incredible reflexes the squirrel was certainly doing his part to get out of the way! Did anyone get an overall ‘ring lap time for the squirrel to make it official?