Luckiest Pedestrian In The World Narrowly Avoids a Double-Car Crash

There is an estimated average of 5 million car accidents in the U.S. alone every year. Many of those result in injuries (or fatalities) to the driver, passengers, other drivers, and in some cases, a pedestrian. They can be due to intoxication, distractions, or just plain recklessness that can have some very serious consequences.

However, one woman in Argentina may be counting her lucky stars as she managed to avoid a violent car collision in an excellent example of perfect timing.

As seen on a security camera in La Plata, a city in Buenos Aires Province, we see two cars collide in an intersection after one of them decides to run through a red light. While this is happening, a woman is seen on the crosswalk making her way to the halfway point of the intersection.

At the point of collision, it appears as though both cars are about to run directly into the woman. But whether it was because of physics, luck, or divine province, both cars bounce off each other at the last second, leaving the pedestrian shaken up, but unharmed. Consider it as the opposite of a Final Destination-kind of moment.

Further examination of the video reveals that both drivers were at fault because they had both sped through red lights at the intersection. Additionally, the “Do Not Walk” light may have also been on. But despite all these infractions, authorities say that all three parties were miraculously unharmed by the accident. Of course, the same cannot be said for the two vehicles involved.

While car accidents happen all over the world every day, the country of Argentina has been appearing in the news a little more often due to some wild and unpredictable driving behavior. A student driver’s driving test went viral after video footage showed her losing control on the practice course and flipping the car, with both her and the driving instructor inside.

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