The World’s Fastest Shed

You can get a license for just about anything with a motor. We’ve seen everything from high-speed sofas to street-legal bumper cars. And now we can add the world’s fastest shed to the list. Road and Track featured Kevin Nicks, who built his high-speed shed at home with his daughter. It started with a VW Passat powered by a 2.8 V6 which is good for around 200 horses. Nicks then built the steel-framed shed to his own design. And obviously since his sedan now weighs more than two tons thanks to the added building, he added in a bottle of nitrous oxide, which added an additional 75 horsepower. The “vehicles” top speed is limited by its mass and also the fact that its aerodynamics are pretty much non-existent. Either way, you can’t argue that you’ve ever seen a shed hit 96.8 miles per hour.