Tesla Will Soon Charge $1,000 For Black Paint

Starting next month, if you’re looking at ordering a black Tesla it’ll cost you an extra $1,000. Once Tesla introduces its new “simple white” standard color on all its models, the price of its previous base color “Solid Black” will go up. In usual Tesla fashion, the news was announced by CEO Elon Musk on Twitter. Musk states that Solid Black’s price will match that of Midnight Silver Metallic, a $1,000 option on the Model 3, but a $1,500 option on other models.

Musk clearly stated that Teslas not requested in premium colors will be finished in a “Simple White,” so customers wouldn’t confuse it with the “Pearl White Multi-Coat” as the Pearl finish is a $1,500 option on the Model 3, and a $2,000 option on the Model S and X.

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