The Most Popular Car Colors of 2023 Are White, Black, and Gray

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Sometimes the color of your car can be an expression of your personality. Owners of red cars are viewed as energetic and outgoing. Owners of blue cars are seen as calm and confident. But the most popular car colors of 2023 ditched boldness and vibrance for simple grayscale colors like black, white, gray, and silver.

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What Are The Most Popular Car Colors of 2023?

A recent study conducted by iSeeCars analyzed the most popular car colors of new vehicles from 2018 and compared them to 2023 to see how much color preferences have changed in the span of five years. After collecting data from over 10 million one to five-year-old used cars sold in 2108 and 2023, the study found that the four grayscale colors (black, white, gray, and silver) remain undefeated as the top four most popular car colors.

In 2018, these grayscale colors made up 77.2 percent of one to five-year-old cars on the road. In 2023, that percentage increased to 78.6 percent.

“While white, black, gray, and silver remain the dominant colors, it’s interesting to see how far silver has fallen,” says iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer. “Silver is now just 2 percentage points above blue, which has displaced red as the fifth most popular color.”

While it appears that many popular non-grayscale colors generally stayed in the same spots, other colors like gold and yellow moved down in popularity over this time period.

Most Popular Colors: 2023 vs. 2018

Most Popular Car Colors – iSeeCars Study
Rank 2023ColorUsed Car Share 2023Rank 2018Used Car Share 2018

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