Tesla Owners Complaining Vehicles Are Taking On Water

Whether carwash or in the rain, there are Tesla owners making a claim that when they hit a puddle or go through a carwash, water flows into their vehicles.

There has long been a question over the quality of Tesla vehicles. Just a few years ago, Model 3 owner Rithesh Nair was unimpressed when a half-hour after purchasing the Tesla, he was on his way home and ran into some rain. when his bumper just fell off in the middle of the road. The theory is that the bumper cover got separated from the screws and since a piece of the shielding was missing, rainwater got in and the extra weight tore the bumper cover off.

Now the issue is with water inside the vehicles. People have taken to Twitter and YouTube to get the company’s attention.

Caleb’s video shows his 2020 Model 3 leaking water into the passenger footwell while at the carwash. After taking the car in and talking with a Tesla service tech, he reportedly learned that the part to fix the issue isn’t in inventory yet. However, it replaced an older part that’s also not in inventory so basically, he’s stuck for the time being.

Another video of a Model X’s windshield leaking (posted above) after simply driving through a puddle surfaced a few weeks ago. The vehicle was purchased in June of 2019.

Last year Chinese Tesla owner took to Twitter saying his Model S broke down and that the service center hasn’t fixed the vehicle, which is still under warranty, because the rear-drive unit is suffering from water damage. Since almost all cars regularly drive through rain and road water, it seems odd for Tesla not to acknowledge the issue under warranty.

As with any automaker and manufacturer, there are bound to be recalls and issues. What’s unique about this particular complaint is that CEO Elon Musk recently tweeted that “A Tesla works as a boat for short periods of time as an electric car has no air intake or exhaust to block & battery/motor/electronics are water-sealed.”

Maybe, Musk should take another look at the vehicles capabilities before making such claims.

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