So Far In 2020, GM Is Outselling Ford In Pickup Trucks…But Barely

Ford has been the #1 seller when it comes to pickup trucks for quite a while now (try over 40 years). And they’re very proud of it. But GMC is making up for lost time and showing the Blue Oval up for 2020 sales. Just barely though.

Ford has officially fallen behind General Motors, whos with both the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra sales have the F-series beat. After releasing updated sales for the year after Q3, GM has sold 589,295 trucks year-to-date compared to Ford’s 589,034. So like we said, just barely. If you look at Q3 overall, Ford actually had better sales at 221,647 units while GM only sold 215,296 between its brands.

To be fair, even if GM does outsell Ford it’s due to Chevy and GMC’s efforts combined. Interestingly enough, while the pandemic certainly has thrown a wrench in things it’s not for reasons you’d think. Production hiccups have created a larger impact on sales than demand. People are still wanting to spend the money however, automakers’ don’t have access to raw materials which has slowed their production.

Stay tuned to see if Ford can pull it off to be pickup sales leader for year #44.

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