Despite Pandemic, Ford Ranger Scored A 123% Sales Increase In Q1


While auto sales are down due to the Covid-19 crisis, trucks and midsize pickups, in particular, took a pretty big hit. However, the Ford Ranger somehow managed to more than double its sales.

Initially, the truck started off slow after being reintroduced to the US. The first quarter of 2019 saw only 9,241 Rangers sold. For Q1 of 2020, though, Ranger sales shot 123 percent. While the Tacoma’s numbers dropped 7.81% during the pandemic, the Chevy Colorado also took a 36.02% hit.

Ford Authority

Ford delivered 20,980 Rangers in Q1 2020 compared to the 9,421 units sold in Q1 2019. With the latest numbers, the Ranger now sits in third place behind the Toyota and Chevrolet, respectively.

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