Professional “Fun Haver” Vaughn Gittin, Jr.!

Professional “Fun Haver” Vaughn Gittin, Jr. – PowerNation 2017 Week #33

This week Katie’s cohost is three time world drift champion, founder of RTR and self proclaimed professional fun haver Vaughn Gittin, Jr. He’s here to get you amped up for the Power Stop Ultimate Mustang sweepstakes where you can enter for a chance to win an awesome 2017 Ford Mustang. Built by Marc and Tommy in Detroit Muscle with a lot of help and parts from RTR and Vaughn. They installed a Vortec supercharger on the factory five liter that now makes a little under 700 horse to the rear wheels. It has Ford Performance rear axles and RTR grill, grill lights, front chin and the rare Spec-5 Wide Body Kit. And of course it will all stop courtesy Power Stop Track Day pads.

Also Power Stop Brand Manager Kris Miller will drop by and as he said: “It’s the best car we’ve ever built!” Vaughn has autographed the dash so now all you have to do is enter at or