Motorcycle Burnout Turns Into A Fail

There are many videos out there of motorcycle riders doing dangerous stunts and driving pretty crazy out on public roads. It’s understandable to want to do stunts on a sport bike but you should only perform them on a closed track, never on a public road. There are a ton of incidents where bike riders perform stunts on the interstate or another road and they crash into cars minding their own business.

In this video, a bike rider decided it would be a cool idea to do a burnout down a highway. The rider goes quite a distance doing the burnout and even burns out through a red light it looks like. For some reason the guys bike begins to wobble and he goes crashing down! What started out as a stunt ended up in a fail! Ouch!

The slow motion video shows exactly what happened in a little more detail. We’re sure the guys bike probably was pretty bashed up after the crash. Crazy stuff! Maybe next time the motorcyclist might be a little more careful when driving out on the highways and roads. What do you think about this crash? Thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments!