Driving Test Gone Wrong: Student Driver Failed So Badly She Got Sent To The Hospital

student driver taking driving test

Being a student driver is already a high-anxiety experience. You’re sixteen-years-old and on top of asking your crush to the prom, acne, and why your parents don’t understand you, you’re learning how to operate a 3,000-pound vehicle to earn your driver’s license. Much like any other test, your driver’s test requires a lot of study and practice in order for you to pass. While a significant portion of us passed on the first try, there are others that needed a second, third, fourth, or even 10th attempt before receiving a passing grade.

The Worst Student Driver Ever?

However, it is not out of the ordinary for someone to have a really bad driving exam. Especially for one student driver in Argentina whose test quickly snowballed from bad to worse in a manner of seconds.

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As seen in the video below, the student driver starts out relatively normal. But mistakes start happening one after another. After completing a roundabout, you may notice that the car’s hazard lights are on. The student driver likely pressed the button by accident, so nothing too serious. Next, she hits the curb. Not a good sign, but she can still recover, right?

From there, she proceeds to rush over a speed bump, hit another curb, run through a stop sign, hit a turn too wide before driving on the grass, and then plow directly into a lamp post before flipping the Volkswagen onto its side with her and the driving instructor inside.

It was later reported that the student driver had to be hospitalized with minor injuries. This just goes to show that everyone learns to drive on a different curve. It’s just this poor girl’s bad luck that her learning curve involved taking them too fast and wide.

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