Thieves Fail at Carjacking Because None of Them Know How To Operate a Stick-Shift

If you are not prepared, a carjacking can be a terrifying experience. Unfortunately, one group of wannabe thieves looked more like fools than scary criminals when an attempted carjacking in Washington D.C. resulted in failure. Why? Because none of them knew how to operate a stick shift.

It has been a running joke that a stick shift is the ultimate anti-theft device for younger generations. The best part is that, yes, it’s true!

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The Jacked-Up Carjacking

According to a report by FOX 5, a business owner was followed in a red Nissan Rogue late at night to his Porsche 718 Boxter and pistol-whipped by the thieves during the attempted carjacking. Footage from the car’s dashcam captured the incident, showing an armed man jumping out of the SUV and pushing the Porsche owner onto the sidewalk. Meanwhile, a second thief is seen exiting the Nissan, and a third is seen from the driver’s side of the vehicle.

One of the thieves can be heard entering the Porsche and starting it. But what they thought was going to earn these thieves a big payday ended up in embarrassment as the sports car can be heard stalling twice. Deciding that this was a fruitless endeavor, the thieves returned to the SUV and sped from the scene of the crime.

FOX 5 states that the victim sustained minor injuries, and was purposefully targeted because of his car. He claims that he ran into his restaurant and shots were fired by the thieves as they left, though he was not hit. The incident is still under investigation by police.

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