Mini Semi Truck With 1000+ HP Doing Burnouts!

People have been doing burnouts for decades in a variety of vehicles but it’s not everyday you see a semi truck do one! Granted, this is a mini semi truck but regardless it’s still super awesome! There are a few mini semi trucks out there that look really really cool but what about having an outrageous horsepower output? It’s not too common you hear about a super fast semi truck but for this mini semi, it’s definitely got a lot of power! How much power you might ask? Over 1,000 horsepower! Now THAT’S awesome!

What else do people do in ultra fast cars besides race them? Burnouts of course! This guy that owns a customized mini semi truck decided to do a pretty wicked burnout in his driveway and it was pretty amazing! Despite it being a “mini” semi truck, it’s still a pretty impressive vehicle. It’s unknown if the owner races the truck or how fast it goes but it definitely looks and sounds pretty cool! What’s your opinion on this 1000+HP semi truck doing burnouts? Would you like to own it? Let us know in the comments if you have any thoughts or opinions on this wild mini semi!