Mazda Gave People Free Rides Through Austin

South by Southwest is a media conference that happens in Austin, Texas every March. It started back in 1987 and has continued to grow every year since then. This year Mazda teamed up with Spin, Vibe, and Stereogum, which is a Hollywood Report-Billboard Media Group site, and created the Mazda Studio at Empire. The venue was a center for innovation during the day and transformed into a spot for live music and concerts as the day went on.

South by Southwest highlighted Mazda's evolution from the beginning to future plans of becoming more than a car company. The automaker provided Mazda Express, a complimentary ride service around the city to showcase their vehicles. They also hosted events and activities to feature the future of the automotive industry ranging from connected cars to autonomous driving to regulations. They had the MX-5 RF, CX-9 and CX-5 on site available to check out. If you haven’t heard of South by Southwest it’s something you need to check out.

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