Man Loses Life After Massive Earthquake Knocks Jeep Off Jacks

After the 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck Southern California and Nevada, Troy Ray, 56, was said to be working under the Jeep. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Ray was working on his Jeep CJ and had its front end propped up by a high-lift jack, some wood, and a cinder block.

“The Nye County Sheriff’s investigation reports that Ray’s death might be the result of the vehicle falling off of the jacks on July 4 during the earthquake,” said Sergeant Adam Tippetts. The incident would be the first reported death related to the earthquake if it was indeed the true cause.

Sgt. Tippetts has reported that Ray’s Jeep was”jacked up safely,” for those questioning that aspect. It’s important to remeber that even the safest scenarios can become dangerous.

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