Guy Pays DMV With 300K Pennies In Revenge On Car Taxes

The DMV is a frustrating place for a lot of people. Long lines, unpleasant employees, etc. And this Virginia man decided he had enough.

Nick Stafford, of Cedar Bluff, Virginia, went to his local DMV last week to pay sales tax on two new cars… in pennies.

The $2,987.45 in unrolled pennies weighed more than 1,600 pounds and took five wheelbarrows to transport!

Stafford explained that he was upset with the DMV for not providing him with a phone number to call and answer questions he had about the vehicle purchase and titling process. He also filed several state records request lawsuits and claims to have spent an additional $1,000 in the process simply “to prove a point.”

He added that all the DMV employees stayed late – past 6 p.m. – to finish counting.

Original story from Fox News Insider

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