GMC Has Revealed The Hummer EV Ahead Of Its Debut This Fall

Ahead of the official debut coming Fall 2020, GMC has revealed a video and images of the new electric Hummer. For those wondering if the truck is more for functionality or looks, it appears it may be more on the looks’ side.


Both a truck and SUV version were shown in silhouette images. General Motors reports that the Hummer EV will be capable of 1,000 horsepower, 11,500 lb-ft of torque and will get from zero to 60 mph in just three seconds.


Throughout the videos, GM references features such as “Crab Mode,” “Adrenaline Mode”, “Infinity Roof” and “Modular Sky Panels,” all of which seem to be vague and non-descriptive as of now.

GMC has said that the all-electric super truck will debut later this fall and will begin production in fall 2021. Details about the GMC HUMMER EV’s remarkable on- and off-road capabilities will be shared closer to its reveal.

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