The NASA Engineer Who Created The Glitter Bomb Is Back To Punish Car Thieves, With Farts!

Car thief stealing an undercover Glitter Bomb
Car thief stealing an undercover Glitter Bomb

If you have heard of Mark Rober, you may recognize him as the former NASA and Apple engineer responsible for punishing porch pirates by tricking them into stealing a Glitter Bomb disguised as a pricey gadget. Upon opening it, the thieves would be rewarded with a plume of colorful glitter, a blaring siren, and some heafty blasts of “fart spray.”

Package Thieves vs The Glitter Bomb

In the city of San Francisco, there are a reported 73 car break-ins per day. The problem has escalated to the point where drivers leave their doors open to inform prospective thieves that there is nothing in the vehicle worth breaking their windows over. These thieves have organized a “fencing operation” in which they would travel the streets in multiple cars at once, and the middleman would pay for the stolen goods right there at the crime scene.

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Sensing an opportunity to engineer his own brand of justice, Rober and his team developed a new version of the Glitter Bomb that these thieves would find irresistible. After analyzing the behavior and tactics of these criminals, the bomb (aka “the bait”) would be placed in plain sight ready to be taken.

Unbeknownst to the thieves, they just stole something that is really going to ruin their day, and their car, and their noses. Because “Operation: Air Freshener” is about to commence.

Delivering a New “Brand” of Justice

Once Rober is alerted that the packages have been stolen, he activates a command that causes the package to release a very pungent amount of fart spray into their vehicle. As an added benefit, the spray is relatively silent. So the thieves would not have been able to detect that the bomb is being set off until they start smelling it. Best of all, even after they discard the bomb, the spray is so potent that it will remain long and strong inside their vehicle for a while.

It may be unorthodox to utilize Home Alone-style tactics to fight crime, but if it works, it works. Because rather than the “Stick Bandits”, these car thieves are now the “Stinky Bandits.”

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