Gender Reveal Gone Wrong, Hot Saw Competition, Enthusiastic Ford Fan, Dodge Sleigh, And London Police Tactic

Today on PND…
• A Baby Gender Reveal That Ends In A Car Fire
• A Competition That Features Chainsaws Powered By V8s
• A Mystery Ford Super Fan That Went To Great Lengths In Hopes Of Getting A GT
• Dodge Upgraded Both Santa And His Sleigh This Year
• And London Police Are Using A New hands-On Approach To Stop Moped-Riding Thieves

Reveal Fire
Over the last few years, parents have started the trend of having elaborate “gender reveals” to let everyone know the gender of their kid. And among automotive-loving families, the burnout/drifting method has been popular. You can buy compounds that you put in your tire and produce blue or pink smoke when the driver drifts or does a burnout. However, it went all wrong for this Australian couple when the car in use for the reveal went up in flames. Luckily, nobody was hurt and they were able to put the fire out but between the specialty smoke and the new differential or rear axle they likely needed, this set them back anywhere from $300 – $800…ouch

Hot Saw Competition
This is awesome. This competition is where lumberjacks and gearheads come together. The machines you’re seeing are called “hot saws” and are V8 powered chainsaws used to cut up just about anything! There are various engine types as far as we can see. Who says you need a car to make an engine fun?

Mystery Message
If you want something bad enough, you find a way to get it. This guy probably won’t get his Ford GT (but hey, you never know). But he sure did get the attention of the internet world. A mysterious Ford super fan rented one of those planes that tow message banners and wrote “Is a Ford GT in my future? #goingfurther”. The plane flew back and forth over the Ford Headquarter building in Dearborn Michigan last week but nobody knows who was behind it. What would you do to get your hands on your dream car?
Photo Credit: Mike Levine

Santa Sleigh
Santa got a big upgrade this year. In Dodge’s new holiday commercial Santa, played by former wrestler Bill Goldberg, reveals his new Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye “sleigh”. It’s basically a cut-up Challenger with a cut-down windshield and side-exit exhausts. But the Hellcat logo also gets a holiday version, adding antler to the kitten. If you’re a fan of the Holiday version you can buy a shirt featuring the antler-wearing cat in Dodge’s store.

Tactical Stop
Not sure how this would go over here in the U.S. but the London Metro police have put together a video showing their officers’ new method of taking down thieves. In the last few years thieves doing “drive-by” thefts on mopeds has been on the rise in London so officers have started using their patrol cars to “bump” fleeing robbers but calling it “tactical contact” to make it sound more official.

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