Exactly Why You Never Stick Your Arm Between The Dyno And A Tire

It’s probably (hopefully) common sense, but don’t try this at home. Obviously, if you have a755-horsepower 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 and a dyno at your exposal you see what it can lay down. But when these guys decide to put it to the test, one assistant got an unpleasant experience when his arm got sucked underneath the wheel while getting ready for the run.

Jalopnik reports that the accident happened at Weapon X in Cincinnati on May 5. According to the original video description, the man whose arm went under the car was trying to brush out some rocks picked up on the street from the tires.

But unfortunately for the guy, the broom got caught and sucked the man’s arm right under the car’s tire. There’s no word on how serious the injury was but seeing as how they didn’t immediately rush him off in the video, we’re hoping it wasn’t serious. So for future dyno runs – make sure and be safe!