This “Fast and Furious / Knight Rider” Mashup Is Somehow The Greatest Movie Never Made

We all remember the original Fast and Furious movie as pure early 2000s bliss that was all about living your life a quarter-mile at a time. You may also remember the ultimate 80s TV hit show Knight Rider, starring David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight who drove his iconic Pontiac Trans Am Firebird equipped with KITT, his artificial intelligence sidekick. Two legendary universes that any car guy will love.

Fast and Furious Meets Knight Rider?

But what would happen if both of these worlds collided? What would it be like if a series of high-profile truck highjackings caught the attention of Michael Knight and KITT? Thankfully through the magic of AI and very clever video editing, we get a movie mashup from Lampoonery! that is too good to be true (because unfortunately, it isn’t).

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Set during the film’s first street race, we are treated with a reimagining of this scene to include Michael Knight and KITT successfully trash-talking their way into a fifth spot in the lineup to go undercover with Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) while investigating ex-con Domenic Toretto (Vin Diesel).

With KITT’s turbo-boost and superior technology, Michael Knight gets a leg up on the competition by literally jumping over them and speeding his way to victory. This proceeds to answer the question as to whether KITT could win in a race against a 10-second car.

Will There Be A Sequel?

The use of AI in this mashup is definitely impressive, especially with its ability to closely mimic the actors’ voices and mouth movements to cleverly insert Michael Knight into the underground street racing scene of the 21st century. Even though Hasselhoff’s beautiful mane still screams ’80s, everything else can get the green light.

If this is only the first episode, we can only imagine how Knight and KITT would fare up against the tank in Fast and Furious 6.

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