Epic Car Wash Fail

There are a lot of car crash videos out there, because a lot of people can’t drive or they just have bad luck. Unusually enough, there are a lot of car crashes that happen at car washes for some odd reason. Some people accidentally mistake the gas pedal for the brake and drive all the way through the car wash at full speed, while others just crash while leaving the car wash. The crash in this video includes a person who crashed while leaving the car wash.

In this video we see a camera angle of the exit of a car wash. It starts off with a black SUV leaving the car wash first, so it looks like any other day at the car wash. However, then comes along a white Toyota van who begins to turn out of the car wash. Suddenly it looks as though they stomp on the gas pedal, which causes them to lose control while turning and they immediately flip over the parking lot edge before finally landing on top of a fire hydrant, causing it to spray water everywhere. What an embarrassing fail! What do you think happened in this crash? Any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments.