Man Severely Damages His BMW Series 5 In Attempt To Avoid Being Repossessed

Having your car repossessed is never a party. Money troubles happen to everyone and having your only mode of transportation taken away from you due to missed payments can put you in a very vulnerable, emotional state. Unfortunately for some people, this causes them to make some very irrational and unwise decisions.

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Video has surfaced from a repossession company of a BMW driver attempting to retrieve his 5-Series back from a tow truck driver by any means necessary. With the front wheels of the car already lifted, the man is seen flooring the car in reverse. Already off to a bad start.

As a result of this decision, he does more harm than good. While the BMW lands back on the ground, the front bumper is almost completely torn off in the process.

Was The BMW Repossessed in the End?

As one of the tow truck operators proceeds to record the incident to his smartphone, the BMW’s driver is insistent on keeping his car by physically pulling the lifting mechanisms out from under it. Of course, not without doing any additional damage himself.

In the follow-up video, the BMW driver successfully makes his escape from the repo men in his car, but at a significant cost. Because based on the unnecessary damage done to it, the price to repair the car will very likely cost more than what he had to pay monthly in order to finance it. Not to mention that the repo men will be back again to retrieve the car anyway.

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