Entire ‘Family’ Of Mustang-Badged Vehicles Could Be Coming


After the release of the Mustang Mach-E, it’s being rumored there could be more Mustang-badged vehicles to follow.

There has been quite the controversy over whether the Mach-E should be labeled a Mustang. Although it bears similar features, it is definitely a crossover SUV, not a pony car. So that leaves the question, what are the criteria to label a vehicle a Mustang?

It’s being reported that Ford of Europe’s Chief Designer Murat Gueler has mentioned that more models using the Mustang name could soon be coming.

Gueler told Autocar:

“We’ve talked about building a [Mustang] family. We don’t want to take a Russian doll approach, where you can’t tell them apart other than the size of the car, but we want a family feel where a Ford EV starts to build off this concept. But we’d never do a smaller version of this—if we did a smaller vehicle it would have different proportions.”

One issue with the Mach-E across the internet is that it’s a rip-off of the iconic Mustang. However, Gueler merely suggests that the intent with the Mach-E wasn’t to reinvent the Mustang as a CUV but reinterpret it as one to capitalize on goodwill toward the nameplate and aesthetic. “It’s not literal, just inspired by.”

Would you be happy to see a Mustang brand, of sorts? Or should it remain the only pony car in the Blue Oval family?

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