At 51, The Average Dodge Challenger Buyer Is Younger Than Mustang or Camaro Buyers

Photo Courtesy of Dodge

The Dodge Challenger has the youngest buyers in the muscle car market, according to an interview between Muscle Cars & Trucks and Challenger brand manager, Kevin Hellman. Apparaently, the median Challenger buyer is just 51 which is younger than both Mustang and Camaro buyers.

It’s actually below the average age of a new car buyer in general, although 51 sounds on the older side. The federal reserve reports that the average age of a new car buyer today is 53.

If you think about it, it makes sense. With the Challenger, you not only get a big trunk and a real back seat, but it’s also all-around a bigger and more comfortable vehicle when compared to the Camaro or Mustang. The Challenger also offers all-wheel drive which makes it feasible to use as a daily driver. Combine that with a lower MSRP and Dodge’s enticing incentives, Challengers are financially more accessible to a lot of young(er) people.

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