Chevy’s Electric eCOPO Camaro Goes Wheels Up First Time At The Drag Strip

Chevrolet’s 2019 eCOPO Camaro made its very first run down the track and right off the line, it popped a pretty impressive wheelie before blasting down the track. According to the video description, it was using 80% power. During the quarter-mile pass, it grabbed a 1.30-second 60-foot time and blasted through at an impressive 10.142 seconds at 130.85 miles per hour!

A big hit at this past year’s SEMA show, GM’s first electric production race car is rated at 780 lb. ft. of torque and over 780 horsepower. It features an 800-volt battery and two BorgWarner HVH motor assemblies. Not bad for the cars first outing! Looks like those mid-90 second passes are right around the corner!

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