A Modified 2020 Corvette Has Already Been Broken At The Drag Strip

Well, that didn’t take long. People are now receiving their 2020 C8 Corvette which means they are now hitting the streets…and drag strips.

LG Motorsports may have the first broken C8 on their hands after taking the modded Corvette to the strip.

C8 Broken Axle


Posted by LG Motorsports on Sunday, March 15, 2020

It’s reported that LG Motorsports took their C8 and put an LT2-specific nitrous system on it before taking it to Houston Raceway Park for the TX2k event.

The first naturally aspirated run went smoothly. The second run was when they added nitrous and things went wrong.

“The car didn’t like spraying in first and would not shift to second until we let off the nitrous and the throttle,” the Facebook post reads. “We ran a 12.09 but at 124 [mph].”

By the third run, there was trouble. While the car left the line “great”, the axle snapped while they were waiting to use the nitrous in second gear. The poor C8 had to be taken away on a flatbed.

While a broken axle isn’t a disaster and it could’ve been much worse, you still hate to see that on such a new vehicle.

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