A 20-Ton Truck Driving Over A Bridge Made Out of MUD

Bridges can be sketchy sometimes. A lot of bridges out there haven’t been properly maintained in a really long time, which can cause some pretty serious accidents. Not all bridges however are made of steel. Some bridges around the world are made of weaker materials such as wood and in this case, mud. Yes mud. A mud bridge sounds…very unsafe.

In this video we see a giant 20-ton dump truck beginning to drive over this bridge. Yeah..a 20-ton truck driving over a bridge made of mud! That doesn’t sound like a great situation! As the truck begins to drive over the bridge, all seems well for a few seconds..but then you hear the cracks in the bridge and see the eventual collapse of both the bridge and the 20-ton truck. Everything goes crashing down! All that is left is half of the mud bridge. What a fail!

20-ton anything would be a massive amount of weight for any (non-steel) bridge to handle. What do you think about this fail? Do you think this could’ve been successful had it been planned out better? Any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments what you think and for more cool videos stay tuned on PowerNationTV.com.