Plumbing Made for Modern Fuel Systems

Today’s fuel—E15 pump gas, E85, diesel, methanol, or other ethanol blends—will wreck old-fashioned fuel line hose and fittings in short order. Fragola’s EZ Street Hose Ends and Fuel Hose are designed to handle these fuels without degrading or corroding. EZ Street Fuel Hose features a nitrile-based tube that prevents 99% of hydrocarbon fuel vapors from escaping. This drastically reduces fuel odors compared to standard synthetic rubber hose.

Give Your Engine a Head Start with the Proper Break-in Routine

Proper engine lubrication during assembly and break-in after a full rebuild or a cam and lifter swap is important for the engine’s overall life and performance. PennGrade 1 suggests this three-step break-in routine:

• Use PennGrade 1 High Performance Engine Assembly Lubricant during assembly to prevent premature wear of camshafts, lifters, and other parts during initial startup

• Fill the crankcase with PennGrade 1 Break-In Oil for engine break-in. It has high levels of zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate (ZDDP) to prevent metal-to-metal contact in areas where an oil film cannot exist.

• Keep your engine protected by using PennGrade 1 High Performance Motor Oil. It protects critical engine parts from deposits, provides excellent shock load and high temperature protection for heavily stressed parts, and reduces internal friction for increased horsepower.

Why You Shouldn’t Judge a Shock by Size

You might think that a large-diameter shock would do a better job of dampening suspension movement than a smaller shock. According to the shock pros at Bilstein, it’s not the size of the shock, it’s the way it’s engineered and tuned that matters. For example, the shocks in Bilstein’s B8 6112 Front Suspension Kits have a 60mm (2.36 inch) piston while the matching B8 5160 Reservoir rear shocks have a smaller 46mm (1.81 inch) piston. The combination will give your truck excellent handling and ride on- and off-road.