This Mysterious BMW M3 Has Remained In The Same Parking Spot For 20 Years

Every neighborhood has its own landmarks and urban legends. Whether it be haunted houses, mysterious rock formations, or an elusive fish that has been living in the same lake for decades. The same can be said about a low-mile BMW M3 CSL that has been sitting unmoved in the same parking spot in London, UK for twenty years.

The Strange Case of the Sitting BMW M3

This odd story has resurfaced online as the history behind this car has many internet sleuths intrigued. The official tale is that on August 4th, 2004, the car’s original owner first picked it up on in Reading, UK, and then drove it 37 miles (or 59 km) to London where it has remained undriven in an underground parking garage. Now it sits with a pair of triangle-shaped boots on its wheels, its rear bumper hanging off, and a layer of dust gathering on the windows.

However, this isn’t the only story being attached to his mysterious BMW. Contrasting reports suggest that this car’s mileage is actually at least 10,000 miles (16,000 km), and has been passed on from owner to owner, much like every other used car.

One online user says that according to the “BMW Kasio” system which keeps records on registered BMWs, the last known reading of its odometer was at least 14,000 miles (23,000 km). A quick search on the license plate claims that it has had an unpaid tax since March 2006. So it could be possible that BMW M3 has been sitting in that very parking spot since then.

But one particular point that isn’t being discussed is that the BMW M3 has zero signs of its owner coming to save it. That, or whoever owns it is in no rush to pick it up anytime soon. That is unless it’s time to sell it. Or maybe they’ll unshackle this car and let it drive like it was made for. Because right now, the high-powered 2024 BMW XM Label Red is doing enough driving for all of us.

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