9,000 Chevy C7 Corvettes Remain Unsold At Dealers

The Corvette is an American icon, no doubt. But at the moment, there are more Vettes than demand. About 9,000 more. The C7 Corvette has been out for quite a while now, and it sold a healthy 40,689 in 2016. Sales have been declining (which is normal), but for the month of January 2019, a mere 800 Vettes were sold total. That’s a 20% decline from that same time last year.

Bowling Green is still building making even more Corvettes available. With the new 2020 C8 Corvette ready to make its debut any day now, many Corvette enthusiasts may be holding off for the all-new mid-engine Corvette. 9,000 Corvettes equals to about 232 days.

A dealer resource site, eInventoryNow.com, keeps track of dealer inventories across the country. It has a current track of the current inventory of new Vettes available. No rebates or incentives have been offered just yet.

A new 2019 Corvette Grand Sport Drivers Series edition was revealed by Chevrolet last month which could pull in some racing fans, but probably not enough to put a dent in the copious amount of Corvettes available.

With 9,000 Corvettes still available, the C7 and C8 will probably not be produced together, and the existing C7s will fill up the dealerships while the mid-engine C8 is being produced. Maybe when the C8 finally makes its debut, you can get a sweet deal on a C7. Maybe.

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