162MPH Water Rocket Trike Does 0-60MPH In 0.55 Seconds With 5.1 G-Forces!

If you’ve ever been on an extremely wild rollercoaster, you probably have a general idea of what intense G-Forces feel like right? Well, imagine something even more intense than that, on 3 wheels and powered by WATER! Now that sounds like a crazy amount of fun!

What’s seen in this video is a 162MPH water rocket trike that looks like some wild science experiment more than an actual thing someone would actually decide to drive. What’s even more insane than the intense G-Forces, is that this rocket bike goes 0-60MPH in 0.55 seconds! So essentially in the blink of an eye, this water rocket bike goes 0-60MPH and soon up to 162MPH! This thing goes so fast it’s honestly a wonder how the rider managed to stay in his seat.

Driving something this intense would probably take a high amount of training due to the high possibly it would send an inexperienced driver flying down the track! After all, the trike probably doesn’t weigh much, even with the large tank attached to it. It’s a magnificent invention that we’re sure any thrill seeker would love to own because it’s just so awesome! What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments!