How Does This Hybrid Pickup Go 4,350 Miles On a Tank?

Fering Pioneer | Fering

It’s no secret the cost of fuel is soaring globally, causing manufacturers and consumers alike to search for methods to reduce their consumption. For many, it has meant giving up internal combustion engines altogether and opting for oils arch-nemesis; battery-powered vehicles. For others, we commonly hear the term “smiles per gallon.”

Hey, can we blame them? Many of us have this ingrained in our DNA – gas-powered vehicles are a lifestyle, and if it means paying a little more, that’s fine. With that said, we don’t care who you are, when you hear about a company claiming hybrid pickup truck can achieve 4,350 miles on a single tank of gas, that’s going to pique your interest. That’s more than a Prius and a lot more awesome!

A new plug-in hybrid off-road pickup, known as the Fering Pioneer, created in the United Kingdom, is set to shatter current mileage expectation, but how? The Pioneer is a 4×4 series hybrid powered by a pair of electric motors. These draw power from a battery pack that can achieve 50 miles of electric driving or an 800 cc three-cylinder diesel generator. It also generates power for onboard equipment.

These are some bold claims, and whether it achieves them is another story. The Pioneer is as long as a midsize SUV like a Chevrolet Traverse, but weighs a lean 3,300 pounds due to its aluminum frame and fabric material used in hiking boots. It’s forward-thinking, for sure, but that’s fine as long as it’s durable and can go that far without a tank of gas. The creators have a background in supercar design, auto racing, and aeronautics, according to Fox News Autos.

The two motors for each axle will produce 443-pound-feet of torque, which is more than enough to conquer its desired off-road terrain. It’ll sit on 22.5-inch commercial truck wheels. Those who opt for the long-range tank will achieve these insane fuel figures. However, those who don’t need this extreme range can put water tanks in its place.

It won’t be marketed to the general public but rather a niche market for operators in remote areas. If you want one, expect to reach into your savings account. It’ll be around $206,000. Fering expects to produce 150-200 vehicles each year.

Fering Pioneer | Fering

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