Woman Drives on Frozen Canal Before Falling Into Frigid Water; Blames Incident on GPS

Intense winter weather can really put your driving skills to the test. Black ice and heavy snow are just some of the ways where you really get to see how good you really are behind the wheel. But then there are people who generally don’t have a clue.

According to a report by Fox 59 a woman was spotted driving her car down the frozen canal in downtown Indianapolis on Christmas evening. According to the woman, later identified as 33-year-old Biankia Gleason, her GPS took her down the frozen canal before her car fell through the ice into the freezing water.

According to a post shared by the Indianapolis Fire Department’s Facebook page, “The driver told firefighters that her GPS took her onto the canal, in the area of the Colts Canal Playspace off of St. Clair St. The driver went down the embankment, through the park and onto the canal – headed north. The driver continued north on the canal until she came to the dead end at 10th street where she turned around headed south. The car broke through the ice before she got to New York St. The driver made it out of the car with the help of several bystanders and waited in the lobby of a nearby hotel. Medics checked her on scene and transported her to Eskenazi for check out.”

According to the Indianapolis Metro Police Department, Gleason was later arrested for drunk driving.

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