Xtreme 4x4 Builds

Parts Used In This Episode

17" aluminum true beadlocks. Built from the highest quality alloy, the AEV beadlock not only looks good, but is a functional beadlock allowing you to air down your tires when off road.
Pocket style fender flares. Replecement fender flares with added tire clearance as well as more aggressive styling thanks to the "pocket" style bolts.
Dick Cepek
33" Dick Cepek Mud Country tires. An aggressive tread pattern to perform better in rough terrain, but with a close nit center section, and alternating tread block design. The Dick Cepek Mud Terrain is reletively quiet on the street.
Fab Fours
Front and Rear replacement bumpers, made from 3/16" and 1/4" plate for added strength, the front includes D-ring eyelets as well as winch mounting point, and the rear has provisions for a spare tire and Hi-Lift jack.
Mickey Thompson
Classic II wheels, 17 X 8. A strong yet lightweight wheel with high polish and steel inserts in the lug stud arear for added strength. Also available in "street lock versions".
Jeep Accessories: Tube doors, bikini top, KC lights and brackets.
REV 111
Tube Fenders: replacing the stock plastic JK fenders with fully functional Tube Fenders with optional flare. These tube fenders will allow you to run a larger tire due to their high arc design, plus the added flare is removable to allow for more articulation.
2.5" Skyjakcer suspension system. An upgrades suspension sytem that allows for larger tires to be installed due to increased vehicle height. Also included upgraded lower control arms, to add strength to suspension system.
6" Suspension system. An true 6" suspension sytem with upgraded control arms that include the "next beneration" rod end that is fully rebuildable and serviceable.