MuscleCar Builds

Parts Used In This Episode

Anest-Iwata Usa Inc.
LPH-80, Miniature, center post gravity feed spray gun is a full-featured HVLP gun with spray characteristics similar to Iwata's popular RG-3 gun.
Coker Tire
DOT Approved Firestone Dragster tires 10.00-15.
Coker Tire
PRO-TRAC Front Runner tire 215/75-15.
Currie Enterprises
9-PLUS heavy duty round back housing,spring pads, 4.30 gears and Detroit Locker in a Nodular Sportsman case and 1350 yoke, axles and drum brakes.
Gold Eagle Co.
STA-BIL fuel stabilizer.
Halibrand Engineering Inc.
15x10 Halibrand Sprint cast polished aluminum wheels, 15x4.5 Halibrand Sprint cast polished aluminum wheels.
Pete and Jakes
Basic Super Bell front brake kit 5x4.5 bolt pattern.
Pete and Jakes
Super Bell front axle with early Ford spindles, Super Bell steering arms, Tie rod kit, spindle nuts and washers.
Powder coating booth and curing oven.
The Eastwood Company
Lead free body solder kit includes 1 Flat paddle, 1 Half round paddle, 1 File holder, 1 Flat body file, 1 lb of Eastwood paddle lube, 1 lb Eastwood flux for Lead Free Body Solder, 1 Reusable fiberglass acid brush, 2 lbs. of Lead Free solder and Instructional DVD.
Complete and detailed stencil and striping kit complete with referencing pictures from original unrestored cars.