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Air Flow Research
Carburetor Spacer, 4-hole, Phenolic Plastic, Black, 1.00 in. Thick, 4-Barrel, Square Bore, Each
Air Flow Research
Carburetor Spacer, Open Style, Phenolic Plastic, Black, 1.00 in. Thick, 4-Barrel, Square Bore, Each
Air Flow Research
Cylinder Heads, Eliminator, Aluminum, Assembled, 75cc Combustion Chamber, 220cc Intake, Chevy, Pair
Air Flow Research
Intake Manifold, Titon, Street/Strip, Plastic, Black, Single Plane, Square-Bore Flange, SBC Chevy, Each
Cometic Gasket, Inc.
Head Gasket, MLS, 4.100 in. Bore, .027 in. Compressed Thickness, Chevy, Each
Comp Cams
Custom Grind Billet Roller Camshaft
Comp Cams
Custom length 3/8" dia. pushrod set
Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI)
These Design Engineering Protect-A-Boots keep your plug wire boots and wires safe from header and exhaust manifold heat, lowering the risk of backfiring and engine damage. Guaranteed up to 1,200 degrees, they fit most straight or 90 degree boots
Doug's Headers
Headers, Tri-Y, Steel, Ceramic Coated, Chevy, GMC, Car, Pickup, 283-400, V8, Pair
E3 Spark Plugs
Spark Plug, E3, Tapered Seat, 14mm Thread, .440 in. Reach, Projected Tip, Resistor, Each
Eagle Specialty Products
Eagle Specialty Products 383 Chevrolet Rotating Assembly W/ Mahle Pistons, Mahle Rings, King Bearings
Carburetor, Street HP, 4150, 4-Barrel, 650 cfm, Double Pumper, Mechanical Secondary, Universal, Each
Intercomp Racing
Torque Wrench, Digital Calibration Tester, 0-200 ft lb., 1/2 in. Drive, Converts Ft In lbs., 9 Volt
Jesel Inc.
Rocker Arms, Shaft Mount, 1.6 Ratio, Aluminum, Full Roller, Chevy, Small Block, Victor Jr., E-Tec Heads, Kit
MSD Ignition
Distributor, Pro-Billet, Small Base, Magnetic Trigger, Mechanical Advance, Chevy, Big/Small Block, Each
Quick Fuel Technology Inc.
Carburetor, Black Diamond Q-Series, 950 cfm, Mechanical Secondary, 4-Barrel, Square Bore, Drag Race, Each
Exhaust System Kits
Royal Purple
Motor Oil, XPR Racing Oil, Synthetic, 5W30, Quart, Each
Summit Racing
Combo, Summit, Water Pump, Electric, Aluminum, Natural, Chevy, Small Block, Relay, Kit
Summit Racing
Cylinder Heads, Aluminum, Assembled, 62cc Chamber, 170cc Intake Runner, Chevy 1987-95, 5.7L, Pair
Summit Racing
Engine Block, Cast Iron, 4-Bolt Mains, 4.030 in. Bore, Clearanced, 1-Piece Rear Seal, Chevy, Small Block, Each
Summit Racing
Engine Block, Cast Iron, 6-Bolt Mains, 3.780 in. Diameter Bore, Chevy, 4.8/5.3L, LS Gen III, Each
The Industrial Depot
The Industrial Depot - Fasteners, Hardware, and Shop Supplies
Intake Manifold, X-CELerator, Single Plane, Aluminum, Natural, Square Bore, Chevy, Small Block, Each